Wednesday, 16 November 2016

You are Precious

My life is ruined and my mind is so broken
Sometimes i wanna to runaway from the world
I have nobody and i’m stuck in the loneliness
My time wasted for a stupid things
There is storm inside my head
Waiting time, then my head blow up into small pieces
Too much i’m thinking
But nothing words could come out from my mouth
But i believe there’s one will understand, i called HIM Father.
When something goes wrong, i know HE will fix it for me
No one hear when i’m speaking the truth, HE will listen well
When i’m standing and walking on my path
Nobody support my choice
HE will walking beside me and hold my hand so tight
Even, when i’m run too far from HIM
Left HIM behind me, looking for happiness and i’m fail in the middle
I’m forgot that JESUS is all i need
HE follow me from behind and bring me back into right way
HE isn’t blame me, HE isn’t leaving me although HE can do it
HE could see what people couldn’t see inside me.
HE isn’t giving up on me.
How many times have i broken HIS heart?
How many times have i broken my promise that i made?
But, still HE forgive if only i ask
And HE will never remembering for every mistake
When i’m drowning into my sorrow
Pain and disappointment scared me like a shadow
People competes to knock me down, underestimate me
I’m a sinner and i wanna to die
Then YOU hug me and whispered “Since you have been precious and honored in MY sight, and I have loved you” (Isaiah 43:4a)
I believe when i’m feeling lost, i’ll find a way

‘Cause JESUS is the way

(Irene Chandra)

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